Taxidermy Association Ireland

T.A.I is a non-profit organisation created to fill the need for a professional body to bring together taxidermists across Ireland.

Our goal is to create a productive working environment where our members can find help and support while sharing ideas and furthering the field of taxidermy.

To achieve this the T.A.I plans to host biannual meetings where we will discuss changes to local flora and fauna laws, field questions from our members and discuss how to bring taxidermy into the public eye in a good light.

The T.A.I will provide advice to its members and help to guide them through convoluted areas of the law. Membership will cost 50 euro per annum and we will keep members up to date with T.A.I events and European and Worldwide points of interest through our Facebook page.

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Taxidermy Association Ireland


Secretary: Ingrid Houwers

Tel: 028 9145 7944


Keyphrases: Taxidermy, Ireland

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