Les Amis d’Onno

Premier Equine – Canine Stunt Team Jousting, Cossack, Western, Horseback Archery, Bow-Wow circus dogs, performing Goat, Main Arena shows large & small to suit your budget – a star attraction every year at the Irish Game Fair.

With over 20 years’ experience Les Amis Stunt Team originated in France and have been in the UK for the last ten years with their unique and ground breaking entertainment shows.

Historic Scotland’s own jousting team, we provide stunt jousting shows second to none. We have a vast repertoire of Main Arena shows, from the ever popular Jousting to Western, Cossack riders, Highlander Jacobite show & Horseback Archery to the Bow Wow circus performing dogs including motorbike & sidecar!

Les Amis is a professional, family entertainment team highly experienced in horsemanship, performance, combat choreography, horseback archery and stunt work who have worked on a variety of film & TV productions including the Outlander series, Vikings, Game of Thrones etc.
We can provide meet-and-greet performers and character actors to mix and mingle.

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Les Amis d’Onno

Tel: 01835 869757

Web: www.lesamisdonno.co,

Keyphrases: Horse and Canine Stunts, Equestrian, Medieval Jousting, Cossack, Western, Horseback

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