John Fairgrieve – Fish Sculptures and Trophies individually hand-crafted in Scotland

Having started fishing for trout many years ago in his local burns, John developed his love of game fishing for sea trout, grayling and salmon all over the UK. Being an accomplished watercolour artist, he started sculpting trout and painting them to mount on stones gathered from the rivers he fishes.
In the process, John has developed a unique approach which doesn’t waste the fish! He has perfected a way of precisely replicating your prized fish and still leaving it in prime condition for the dining table. In fact, you can even return the fish to the water and still have a mounted replica you will treasure. All you have to do is:

  • Send a digital photograph of the fish
  • Give details of weight and sex.
  • Provide information about what you want on the label (River, date, etc).

Each fish is individually shaped and hand painted so in fact no two are the same.
Customers across the UK, Europe and North America are already enjoying John’s beautiful craftsmanship.

John Fairgrieve


Tel: +44(0)1387 730419


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