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Welcome to the English chalkstreams, where November and December are surprisingly busy months. Fishing continues on selected beats for grayling whilst others of us are turning thoughts to Christmas: from a cast of thousands, there are few better presents than a fishing gift voucher for now or during 2021.

The chalkstreams range from the famous rivers Test and Itchen in Hampshire across Berkshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, plus the similar but subtly different limestone rivers of Derbyshire and Gloucestershire.

Every river (we have close to twenty) is very special in its own right and you will find a description, photos, location map, video and prices for each, plus my unique Tranquillity and Difficulty rating. Look out for the beats that have my Exclusive to Fishing Breaks tag, which are only available through us.

Our Private Tuition & Courses plus Children and Family Days are hosted at Nether Wallop Mill, in the heart of Hampshire,  from April to October.

Fishing the English chalkstreams is unaffected by Lockdown, provided anglers for the guidelines issued by the Angling Trust and other official bodies. In summary, you may fish on your own, with members of your own household, or with one other individual from another household.

However, if you are uncomfortable with fishing during lockdown or the logistics simply do not work, we stand by our promise of a no quibble refund or postponement at your choice.

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