Drone Pilot Training Academy

Robert Dobbin is the man behind Drone Pilot Training Academy, offering training courses through a company called 3iC.
Courses are delivered in association with 3iC Ltd NQE No 0116/1625 to train to be a Commercial 3iC Drone Pilot one of the best drone pilot training courses available across Northern Ireland.
Drone Pilot Training Academy offers tuition for new hobbyist drone pilots and those wishing to become commercial drone pilots in Northern Ireland.

DJI Flight Simulator Enterprise now available. The DJI Flight Simulator sets a new standard for drone pilot training, paving a new path for the next generation of drone pilots.

Drone Pilot Deploy

Drone Pilot Training Academy

11 Cadger Road, Carryduff, Belfast, BT8 8AU

Tel: 07565481897

Web: www.dronepilotdeploy.com


Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday 9-5pm

Saturday: 9am – 1pm

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