The Game Fair you can visit every day


It’s an old saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and for certain. the prospect of a whole season with no game fair to go to has been the inspiration behind THE VIRTUAL GAME FAIR. Launching on 29 August, it will run throughout 2020/2021 and join the ‘live’ Irish Game Fair, which will take place on 26 – 27 June 2021. THE VIRTUAL GAME FAIR is set to be a fantastic ongoing resource not just for Irish country sports enthusiasts but sports people throughout the world.

There is a full suite of competitions and so many ways for visitors and traders to get involved and engaged. You’ll find all your favourite rows, organisations and exhibitors, from gunmakers and anglers right through to fine food and 4x4s. Look out for great bargains all around THE VIRTUAL GAME FAIR.




“As a country sports enthusiast, I have been privileged  to be associated with the Irish Game fair for several years and I was particularly pleased that I was able to help mark the 40th anniversary of this great event by putting down a cross party Early Day Motion of congratulations in the House of Commons, Westminster.

I was most looking forward to being in the opening party of the 2020 Fair at Shanes Castle. I have been involved in shooting sports since I was 18 years of age and it is, as we all know, very much part of our heritage and our national character. The best conservationists are those who follow country sports and who know and understand the land, who have a deep interest in tree planting, hedgerow retention, digging ponds and leaving verges for insects and small birds. The return of the Yellow Hammer on our farm was a great success and it is clear that the control of foxes, crows and magpies have helped to keep the natural balance in the countryside and are essential tools for any true conservationist.

Against the backdrop of the Covid 19 pandemic, I know the organisers did everything they could to try to ensure the 2020 Irish Game Fair could take place within a safe environment. First of all, they postponed the event until the 29th and 30th August. They also put together a new layout and an innovative Covid compliant health and safety plan. They continuously monitored the Covid 19 pandemic and the most recent ongoing government advice.

I was pleased to make representations on their behalf, at the highest level, to see if there was any way that we could make the event happen in a fashion that was consistent with the prevailing government guidelines and in a fashion which protected all involved.

Unfortunately, this has not been possible to achieve.

But despite that disappointment, I compliment the organisers on their forward thinking and planning in progressing the concept of a VIRTUAL GAME FAIR alongside their evolving plans for next year’s ‘2021 Irish Game Fair.’

It is an amazing, brand new concept and a real ‘first’.

Just like the traditional Game Fair, The Virtual Game Fair has special areas for hunting, shooting fishing, conservation and so much more and will be a joy to visit from the comfort of your armchair. We have a wonderful sport, we should and must let others know.

I am delighted to say that the first Virtual Game Fair launched in Ireland will open on the 29th and 30th August with a huge range of exhibitors, competitions and bargains and the slogan ‘ The Game Fair you can visit every day’.”

Jim Shannon, MP

Jim Shannon

Jim Shannon, MP