Spring 2020


The latest edition of the IRISH COUNTRY SPORTS and COUNTRY LIFE magazine, featuring the newly published IRISH COUNTRY SPORTS – A HERITAGE book, is out now.

The IRISH COUNTRY SPORTS and COUNTRY LIFE magazine is the definitive publication for country sports enthusiasts in the island of Ireland and, through its digital edition, across the world.

Launched in 1985 under the title Irish Hunting Shooting and Fishing and rebranded in 2002, for 35 years the magazine has been the voice for and champion of country sports and country life, with grassroots coverage of local and international sporting adventures. Its contributors span the gamut of country sports and bring both past and present to life with their knowledge of their subjects, their wit and humour. IRISH COUNTRY SPORTS and COUNTRY LIFE is an internationally delivered, authentic all-Ireland voice.

The magazine is published seasonally in hard copy glossy and FREE-to-READ online digital editions, which enjoy a combined readership in excess of 100,000. Read it for yourself to discover why IRISH COUNTRY SPORTS and COUNTRY LIFE is read and loved by so many around the world.


‘IRISH COUNTRY SPORTS – A HERITAGE’ is the first major publication to chart and examine the traditions, history and development of country sports across the whole of Ireland.  With country sports facing a variety of threats, this impressive volume is both a celebration of our sports and the contribution they make to Irish rural life and also a warning of what could be lost through ongoing threats to our sports. All of the major sports and organisations are covered: game shooting, angling, hunting, deer stalking and falconry, and, of course, working dogs with chapters on The Irish Kennel Club, springer and cocker spaniels, the retrieving breeds, pointers, setters and HPRs and even legendary Irish greyhounds, lurchers and terriers. Country crafts chapters include taxidermy and fish and game food heritage.

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